How to stack your beaded bracelets!

As beaded jewelry designers, we've noticed that the most popular bracelets this year are made with color!! Whether that means a wrist full of bright and colorful pieces mixed in with watches and bangles or stacking eye-catching shades of the same color scheme. The coolest way to wear multiple bracelets right now definitely involves some creativity! If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry. We’re not simply telling you about it—we’re here to show you. With our "customer cam" on Instagram (which is also displayed on our website) we bring you stacked-bracelet inspiration by our most fashionable customers! That way, when you shop on our website and then get home to your at-home jewelry stash, you’ll know exactly what to do. Check our page daily for the new looks and to see the coolest stacked bracelet looks worth copying! Have fun and allow your jewelry to tell a story! Click the link below for an instructional! Be inspired!!

How to stack your beaded bracelets! 


Happy Stacking!!

-P.S. Beads


Photo (stacks) credit-  Regina Best-Tukes  @m24_ismybrand


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